Milling & overlays

Mill & Overlay Projects

Street Name Job Type From To Cost Status
Cowhorn Creek Rd Edge Mill & Overlay Kennedy Ln Richmond Rd $58,939.05  Complete
Knightsbridge Rd Edge Mill & Overlay N End of Knightsbridge Kennedy Ln $44,508.98 Complete
Lambeth Rd Edge Mill & Overlay Lambeth Pl Kennedy Ln $21,658.87 Complete
Sabine Ave Edge Mill & Overlay W 40th St Canadian St $48,304.38 Complete
Street E Edge Mill & Overlay Street D Street H $33,563.87 Complete
W 10th St Edge Mill & Overlay Plum St Apple St $29,772.61 Complete
W 40th St Edge Mill & Overlay Summerhill Rd Texas Blvd $118,677.03 Complete
Walton Dr Edge Mill & Overlay New Boston Rd  Frumpkin Ln $62,373.60 Complete
Brown St Mill & HMAC Overlay W 10th St MLK Jr Blvd $31,140.42 Complete
Iowa St Mill & HMAC Overlay Findley St S Robison Rd $53,962.77 Complete
Spring Lake Park Rd Mill & HMAC Overlay S Park Rd W 40th St  $57,026.68 Complete
Stonewall Dr Mill & HMAC Overlay Stonewall Cir Stonewall Trace $20,777.01 Complete
W 10th St Mill & HMAC Overlay Della St Waterall St $16,617.92 Complete
W 13th St Mill & HMAC Overlay Apple St Milam St $19,618.75 Complete
W 4th St Mill & HMAC Overlay Waterall St Whitaker St $43,909.43 Complete
W 6th St Mill & HMAC Overlay Lake Dr Whitaker St $49,227.22 Complete
Whitaker St Mill & HMAC Overlay W 11th St W 10th St $17,274.65 Complete
Willis St Mill & HMAC Overlay Keel St Industrial Blvd $32,223.47 Complete