Human Resources

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Have you caught one of our employees exceeding your expectations? If so, please select our "Customer Service Feedback Form" and let us know what they did so we can recognize them for their exceptional customer service. Thank you, and have a great day!

Customer Service Feedback Form

Program Description

The Human Resources Department supports the City of Texarkana, Texas in attracting and retaining a qualified, capable, and diverse workforce to provide high quality services to the citizens of Texarkana, Texas. We strive to put people first and create a positive environment through competitive compensation, top notch benefits, and maintaining high employee standards by providing ongoing professional development.

Program Focus

Our primary focus is putting people first. Through the use of policies, procedures, and the observance of relevant laws and statutes our program is built around ensuring a culture of respect and inclusion while providing quality service as a partner to all City departments so that we may best utilize our most valuable asset - the people of Texarkana, Texas.